Our phone numbers:
(603) 798-5521

Emergency (603) 228-1631
Fax: (603) 798-5585
Loudon Police Department
Thank you
The Loudon Police Department is
located in Loudon New Hampshire on
the northeastern border of Merrimack
County. The Loudon Police Department
is a 24 hour department that covers an
area of nearly 47 square miles, over
100 miles of roadway and protects and
serves more than 5000 plus residents.
Loudon is a unique small town, and is
the home of the New Hampshire Motor
Speedway. The Town of Loudon and
the Speedway host over 100,000
visitors during race event
weekends.The Loudon Police are
responsible for the implementation and
supervision of traffic and security during
those events.
How to contact us:

Loudon Police Department
P.O. Box 7059
8 Cooper Street
Loudon, NH 03307

The Loudon Police Department is proud that
the town of Loudon is a
D.A.R.E community
If you have any questions
or comments e-mail us at
UPDATED 4/17/09